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I have worked on projects for a large range of clients. Here is a selection of the feedback I have received.


Working with John has been an absolute pleasure. His meticulous, judicious, and timely approach to editing is nothing short of professional and superb.
John’s attention to detail is consistent and diligent, demonstrating not only a keen eye for grammar, punctuation, syntax, and usage but also a conscientious mind for providing insightful suggestions and queries aimed at enhancing the flow of each story he works on.

With an impressive understanding of upholding an author’s voice and vision while offering valuable feedback, John maintains an unwavering commitment to meeting deadlines in book publishing's fast-paced environment. This level of professionalism and reliability is rare in the editing world, and it makes the entire editing process smooth and stress-free.

I wholeheartedly recommend John to any author in need of a top-notch fiction editor.

Frank Smecker, Managing Editor, Collective Ink

John's meticulous attention to detail and insights improved the calibre of my work, creating consistency and improving clarity without disrupting my narrative style. His helpful advice added to the quality of my manuscript and made the editing process a pleasure. I recommend John to anyone looking for a committed and skilled copyeditor, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Lorna Selley, Novelist

Having had six novels and one work on non-fiction published I'd like to testify that John is far and above the most assiduous, professional, insightful and gifted editor and proofreader I am yet to work with. In a competitive publishing market place proofing and oversight issues can impact an author and if you employ John you are in the safest of hands. He edited my non-fiction work, Albion's Secret History, which required extensive referencing, and my novel, You Complete The Masterpiece, and did both to the highest level, with understanding and efficiency. Could not recommend John more, go to him!

Dr Guy Mankowski, Novelist

Working with editor John Romans was an absolute pleasure. His keen eye for detail and insightful feedback elevated my book to new heights, ensuring a polished and impactful final product.

Haley Cavanagh, Novelist


John has proof-read two of my books and each time he has not only been incredibly efficient, always delivering on time or before, but also incredibly detailed. His corrections are sensitive to the style and flow of the text, and his comments are collegial and very helpful. I have no doubt that his work has improved my books considerably!

Tom Grimwood, Novelist

John’s careful eye and creative feedback were invaluable in polishing my book. I’m extremely grateful for his skill and care.

Susanna Kleeman, Novelist

John Romans' editing was absolutely top notch. Not only was his attention to detail flawless, but he treated instances of authorial style with the utmost degree of respect and care. He was able to spot minute inconsistencies that I had missed and brought my attention to elements of the manuscript I had not previously considered. His feedback was professional, thorough and extremely valuable. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Wade Parrish, Novelist

I was blown away when I received my edited manuscript back from John Romans. Not only did his work display an incredible eye for detail, his suggestions were invaluable and have enabled me to feel confident and proud of my debut novel. He even spotted mistakes I’d made in my endnotes. On top of all this John was very happy to offer personal communication, responding quickly to my questions. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to any writer who wants to make his or her book shine.

Mark Townsend, Novelist

Copyediting my novel was no easy task, but John rose to the challenge and exceeded my expectations. Almost every single dialect of English is represented in my novel through a vast ensemble cast, but John worked diligently to sand all the edges and to ensure that the words flowed seamlessly and in the the manner I intended them. I would gladly recommend Mr Romans to anyone and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Christopher J Newman, Novelist

As the author of four published novels (an urban fantasy, a thriller and two comic murder mysteries), I was very fortunate to receive first-class editing services from John via Roundfire Books who will be publishing my latest novel - One Man Down on 25 February, 2025. 

John did a really thorough job, spotting the odd typo and making several small but sensible edits that always come to light and are spotted by really good editors like John.

I couldn't recommend his services more thoroughly.

Alex Pearl, Novelist

John has a keen eye and an efficient yet comprehensive approach to his editing process. I had thought that my debut novel, The Towpath, had gone through a rigorous editing process. I was wrong. John was discerning and detailed with his edits and suggestions, catching things that went beyond what I would consider copyediting, but kept “the why” easily accessible and in front. John is a true partner and can be trusted to deliver exceptional work. Your manuscript is in good hands with John.

Jonathan Walter, Novelist

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