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I have worked on projects for a large range of clients. Here is a selection of the feedback I have received.


John is an excellent editor. He is studious, comprehensive and delivers on time. Anyone who uses his services can be assured of the quality of the manuscript he will return, whatever the state in which it was delivered to him.

Hodder & Stoughton


John rewrote my company's website and did a great job of making it more dynamic and engaging. I was delighted with the result and am very happy to recommend him. 

Amina Waldron: Managing Director, Youth Elements


John provided excellent proofreading services. He was highly professional and flexible to our requirements, and sensitive to the subject matter. He was a pleasure to work with, and we were impressed by the quality and accuracy of his work.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority


I have hired John on many occasions to support a range of marketing projects and have been very impressed with his skill, knowledge and professionalism. John is an excellent copywriter, editor and proofreader who provides a prompt, first-class service and great value.

Oliver Mason: Director, This * agency Ltd (Advertising and PR)

John Romans worked with great attention to detail, thoughtful support and interest on my project. He clearly outlined deadlines and issues to be attended to and as a result I was very happy with his guidance.

Dr Gwyn McClelland: University of Monash, Australia

John did an excellent job of proofreading and editing the promotional material for my new business to ensure I create a great impression when approaching potential customers.

Matthew Rowbotham: Owner, Matt Row Makes

We are very pleased with the service provided. We have been most impressed by the attention to detail and excellent time keeping. We believe that this precision and attention to detail mark John Romans' service out with some distinction.

Professor John Horne: Waseda University, Japan and Professor Garry Whannel: Emeritus Professor, University of Bedfordshire

My work with John Romans on proofing our edited volume Regional Communities of Devotion has been more than satisfactory. I have found that Mr Romans is a highly professional proof-editor. His corrections were perceptive and useful. Most of all, he is punctual and on schedule, and very friendly too. I highly recommend working with him.

Dr Gil Ben-Herut: Associate Professor and Author: University of South Florida, USA

Working with John on the copy editing was a completely smooth process, beginning with clear queries and attention to detail, with a keen eye for typos. Instructions to authors were also clear and we found the collaborative process to be very structured and easy to manage.

Professor Christopher Whitehead: University of Newcastle

I just wanted to thank you for your good editorial work on my book manuscript.  Wonderful attention to detail and I appreciate it very deeply.

Professor David J. Blacker: University of Delaware, USA

John Romans' editing was absolutely top notch. Not only was his attention to detail flawless, but he treated instances of authorial style with the utmost degree of respect and care. He was able to spot minute inconsistencies that I had missed and brought my attention to elements of the manuscript I had not previously considered. His feedback was professional, thorough and extremely valuable. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Wade Parrish, Novelist

I was blown away when I received my edited manuscript back from John Romans. Not only did his work display an incredible eye for detail, his suggestions were invaluable and have enabled me to feel confident and proud of my debut novel. He even spotted mistakes I’d made in my endnotes. On top of all this John was very happy to offer personal communication, responding quickly to my questions. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to any writer who wants to make his or her book shine.

Mark Townsend, Novelist

John’s careful eye and creative feedback were invaluable in polishing my book. I’m extremely grateful for his skill and care.

Susanna Kleeman, Novelist

I was very impressed when I received my edited manuscript back from John Romans. He returned my sizeable novel in no time and also provided me with a constructive editorial report with incredibly detailed and valuable comments. I wholeheartedly recommend John’s services to any (beginning) novelist who wants to feel confident when submitting their book for publication.

Robert, Novelist

John is extremely reliable and efficient, and handles the copyediting and proofreading needs of our flagship Zero Books imprint. I would recommend him highly.

Dominic James: Managing Director, John Hunt Publishing

John is a pleasure to work with. His attention to detail and thoroughness were great, and his professionalism is of the highest level.

Dr Carolina P. Amador Moreno: University of Extremadura, Spain

I like the way John works. He responds quickly to emails and meets his deadlines.

Klavs Reinfelds: Owner and Lead Developer, Albus Bit SIA, Latvia

I've had many editors over the years but without a doubt John Romans is the best editor I've ever worked with – the most professional, sensitive and appreciative editor I have had. I was fortunate he was chosen to edit my non-fiction collection, 'Albion's Secret History: Snapshots of England's Pop Rebels and Outsiders'. As a collection of eclectic cultural references which combined academia and journalism, editing the book must have been difficult but John handled it in a timely and deft manner. I would thoroughly recommend him and I hope to engage him in future work if his workload allows, as I am sure he is in demand!

Dr Guy Mankowski, University of Lincoln

I am very grateful to have had John as my editor as I worked on my book BrexLit: The Problem of Englishness in Pre- and Post-Brexit Referendum Literature. He was thoughtful and has a keen eye for detail, noting any small errors or missed words that can become invisible after countless read-throughs. I would certainly use his services again!

Dulcie Everitt, Author

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent editorial work on my stage play. Especially your comments and suggestions that inspired me to look again and see many things from a different perspective that, ultimately, improved the entire manuscript. Your patience, insight and attention to detail were great in picking up continuity flaws in the plot. I look forward to the next time!

Peter Roche, Playwright

John turned my manuscript around very quickly, accurately and ahead of my deadline. I can highly recommend him.

Estelle Read, Author

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