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How Can I Help You?


Let's work together to make your novel shine!

What fiction genres do I edit? 

I support writers of the following genres:

  • Crime

  • Thriller

  • Mystery

  • Adventure

  • Comedy

  • Historical

  • Science fiction

  • Fantasy

These genres aren’t ones I’ve picked at random -- it’s simply that they are the ones I love reading!

What are the different levels of fiction editing?


There are several kinds of editorial service available for novelists. This article will help you to choose the one that's right for you.

What fiction editing services do I offer?

I provide the following services:

Development edit

I will help you get to grips with the big-picture issues of your novel, including plot, theme, characterisation and dialogue so that you've got a firm foundation to produce something wonderful. 







Manuscript critique

I will provide a comprehensive analysis of your manuscript, giving you the knowledge and confidence to build upon the strengths and remove the weaknesses.



Copy- and line-edit

I will refine and polish your manuscript to remove errors and allow your words to flow seamlessly from the page into readers' imaginations.







First impressions copy- and line-edit

I will make the opening of your novel sparkle and shine to help you attract the attention of a literary agent. 








I will fine-tune your manuscript, honing your text and layout, to add an extra layer of quality before you share your book with the outside world.

Will my edited manuscript be perfect?

Perfection is an elusive quality and I advise you to be wary of anyone who promises it.


I can, however, promise the following:

  • I will use my dedication, training and experience to edit your book to an extremely high standard.

  • Your chances of achieving your writing ambitions will be much greater after my involvement with your novel.

  • I will always be honest with you and never make unrealistic claims about what can be achieved.

Please click on the button below to learn more about trying to achieve perfection in publishing.

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