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Working Together

Let's produce something special!

One of the great pleasures of my job is working closely with writers as I help them refine and polish their novels.

To ensure everything runs smoothly and enjoyably I use the following process.

Getting in touch

Please email me at and let me have the following information about your book:

  • Title

  • Genre

  • Service required

  • Deadline

  • Whether you are submitting to an agent or self-publishing

Discussing the project

We’ll chat by email to decide if we both feel I’m the right person for your novel.


As part of the process, I'll ask you to send me a 1,000-word sample of your book to enable me to provide you with a quote.

Booking form

If you would like to go ahead, I’ll send you a form confirming all the relevant details, including when you’ll send me the manuscript, the deadline for the work and the payment arrangement.


I will also ask you to read the terms and conditions on my website.

Once you email the form back to me our agreement is legally binding.

Booking fee

s soon as you return the form to me I will send you an invoice for the booking fee (50 per cent of the total amount).


Payment is due within seven days and will see me formally put your project into my schedule.

At this stage I will also send you my style sheet to enable you to detail your preferences on issues such as UK/ American English, serial commas, and how numbers should be handled.

Catching up

You are welcome to send me your manuscript and style sheet at any time as long as I receive them 24 hours before the work is due to commence.


If I haven’t heard from you seven days before the start date I’ll send you a polite reminder.


Should I already have received your novel and form, I’ll still contact you to confirm that I shall be beginning the work shortly.

Sending you the completed work

I will send the completed work to you by the deadline day.


By separate email I will send the invoice for the remaining 50 per cent of the fee which will be payable within seven days.  

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