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John Romans: Fiction Editor

Supporting you and your book towards  success

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Let's work together

When it comes to helping you get your novel in the best possible shape, I can promise you a professional, effective and friendly service at an affordable price.

I will help ensure your book flows smoothly and effortlessly with characters and plots that leap from the page to intrigue your readers and fire their imagination.

To write a novel full of people and settings of your own creation is a huge achievement and I regard it as an enormous privilege to work with authors such as yourself as they take the final steps on their journey.

The English language is a wonderful thing - and I can make it work for you.

Here's what my clients say about me and here are some of the books I've worked on in recent years.

You can also take a look at the services I provide and the skills and experience I bring to my role. 

Please get in touch if you would like me to help you move your novel towards publication.

Free help for novelists

Please visit my Knowledge Centre for lots

of great free resources to give your manuscript an extra touch of class

Great service

Working with John has been an absolute pleasure. His meticulous, judicious and timely approach to editing is nothing short of professional and superb.

Frank Smecker, Managing Editor, Collective Ink 

I was blown away when I received my edited manuscript back from John Romans. Not only did his work display an incredible eye for detail, his suggestions were invaluable and have enabled me to feel confident and proud of my debut novel.

Mark Townsend, novelist

John Romans' editing was absolutely top notch. Not only was his attention to detail flawless, but he treated instances of authorial style with the utmost degree of respect and care. He was able to spot minute inconsistencies that I had missed and brought my attention to elements of the manuscript I had not previously considered.

Wade Parrish, novelist

John's meticulous attention to detail and insights improved the calibre of my work, creating consistency and improving clarity without disrupting my narrative style. 

Lorna Selley, novelist

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